Game Projects

(April 2014)

My team consisted of 6 programmers.  This project was made using our engine Violet.

I completed the following work for this project:

  • Implementation of 3D physics
    • Impulse-based resolution
    • Sweep and Prune broadphase
    • Support for boxes and spheres


  • Engine Tools
    • Implemented a profiler using hook functions
    • Implemented a miniDump manager for playtesting


  • Art Assets (Autodesk Maya)

This is the video for the final version of the game:

You can download the installer for the game here



Daybreak (November 2012)

My team consisted of 5 programmers and 4 artists. This project was made using our engine Ares.

I had the following duties for this project:

  • Implementation of flocking behaviors
  • Pathfinding for the NPCs
  • Use terrain analysis to change the behavior of the NPCs
  • Designed and implemented in Lua the behavior of NPCs
  • Helped programming the game mechanics
  • Integration of AntTweakBar with Ares property manager

Here is a link to Daybreak website.



Behavior Trees Project (November 2011)

Research project I made for the class Artificial Intelligence in Games. This project was made using DigiPen’s Alpha Engine.

With this project I tried to address the problem of omniscient NPCs. By using behavior trees I designed NPCs that reacted to the different events they perceived  (i.e. look at grenades/bullets/explosions/enemy)

The features of this project include:

  • Pathfinding using A*
  • Behavior Trees
  • NPCs limited vision

You can download the EXE here



Fundamentals of Game Development (November 2011)

Individual project made with our own game engine.

The features of this project include:

  • Component based design engine
  • DirectX 9
  • Simple sprite animation
  • 2D box & sphere collisions
  • Fmod sound integration
  • Simple debug drawing for physics

You can download the EXE here